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About Us

A lil bit about me (us), but mainly me. I’m just an aging lifelong comedy fan. I’ve always preferred comedy over dramatic and serious type stuff for as long as I can remember. In my youth I watched too much TV some might say. As a kid I couldn’t get enough of re-runs of early TV sitcoms and cartoons, like Looney Tunes, Flintstones, Three Stooges and Little Rascals. My growing up, err, coming-of-age…was sitcoms sitcoms sitcoms and after school & Saturday morning cartoons. Throw in a penchant for good funny movies and a fondness for sketch shows. I enjoy all forms of comedy from the ridiculously bizarre to the profoundly dark dry witty satire.

I’ve had dreams of being a writer for sketch shows or getting one of my old scripts sold ( and I don’t even care if one gets made, just as long as a legitimate producer/production company bought it) just so I can say to myself “I did it!”

Those dreams are about as good as winning the huge lottery jackpot, so no lost sleep there. I still write and jot down ideas for sketches all the time. I keep saying I’m going to teach myself how to do some-kind of cheap generic animation and make some short quick videos for the web.

My love for Stand-up is probably my favorite out of all styles or sub-genres of anything ‘comedy’ related. Not because I’m a failed stand-up. I knew I never wanted to travel all over the country (or world) living out of my vehicle or shitty motels and trying to get drunks to laugh at my rants on mundane subjects from my twisted POV. I did some open-mics years ago….mainly to get a feel for it…like what being on a tiny stage with people looking at you like “Well, you gonna make us laugh?”…but mainly to try and make connections with traveling comics that I hoped would have agents that could pass my writings on. Again, just a delusional dream of a youngster many years ago.

I still haven’t lost the anticipation of waiting on a new comedy special or show and/or most of all, a new book to be released by comics that I admire and enjoy their perspective on life and things.

On this little project in my space on this vast World Wide Web i’m going to review books new and old from comics that I’ve read. Plus I’ll jibber jabber in my racing mind and try to wrangle it into a readable drivel of text , my thoughts on various other things of comedy that I may have recently watched or re-watched , or just thoughts and takes on what I find funny in this ever maddening place of our existence.