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Dov Davidoff’s Book Road Dog Life And Reflections from the Road as a Stand up comic

Dov Davidoff has always made me laugh while watching any of his specials. Unfortunately I’ve never seen him live, but if I ever get to NYC or LA for a visit sometime, I hope he’s in town doing shows.

Dov’s stage antics and overall presence and demeanor is what I find hilarious. He has this spastic energy where he wants to explode or at least seem like he wants to explode. Yet he’s able to reel it back in and contain himself – only to have another burst of explosiveness – and continues it throughout the show.  Well, until he finally grabs the stool and sits down for a brief moment.. and then – Bam – Right back up and ranting.

His style reminds me of Richard Lewis with the pacing of the stage and the contempt with rage for the day-to-day trivial shit in most of our mundane lives. Dov , like RL , both have this ‘I’m losing my train of thought’ type ranting. For both I’ve never quite figured out if they are acting like they can’t remember exactly what they want to say, Or if it’s all just part of their shtick. Me personally I think it part of their stage persona, but if not, well it works – and that’s all that matters. Dov’s frequent use of “What I’m trying to say is…..” or “All I’m trying to say is……” just adds to the whole pend-up rage vibe that you can see in his eyes.

The book ‘Road Dog – Life and Reflections from the Road as a Stand-up Comic‘ is an absorbing read. How can one NOT be the least bit curious about someone that grew up basically in a junk yard with an old school Jewish father that could haggle with the best of them – And a hippie tranquil peaceful Protestant mother. I’m always fascinated to learn about what makes people tick and all the different elements from someone’s upbringing that molded them to who they became. Dov’s book has it all, upbringing, troubled teen, drugs, sex, relationships, road stories, the total package of ‘What-the-Hell’ type scenarios that keep you chuckling as you read.

Plus what a testament to Dov’s respect in comedy to have blurb’s from Such people as Colin Quinn , Dave Attell, Bill Burr, and Pete Holmes .

Just go and buy the book, or check it out from a local library or borrow from a friend that has the book. But just go and read this book.

If your not all that familiar with Dov’s work as a comic or actor. Check out his IMDB page or his Wikipedia page. has numerous clips from his past specials view-able for free on their site. Just use search and look for Dov Davidoff.

And as most of us do now-a-days , there is always Youtube . Filthy Operation is Flat-out Hilarious.



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