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My Latest Read – Artie Lange Wanna Bet

Artie’s books never disappoint. Artie has stories for days and days and days- BUT Good stories- Funny stories. A lot of people always mention Stern and how he was great on Stern and so on. I never really listened to Stern- I appreciate what he did for radio, fighting with the FCC and all, but other than that I hardly listened. I enjoyed seeing him in movies and on television, but most of on talk show appearances. His gravelly chuckling laugh that always sounds like he’s about to cough up a huge CDC beware of lugi. I enjoy gambling, but Artie Loves’s gambling by all accounts of his writings and stand-up and talk-show appearances.

A self proclaimed degenerate, with a heart of gold is how he mostly defines himself. On most tv/movie productions there are ‘clauses’ written for insurance on the cast members. Generally if you’re in the cast , and you’re a MAIN character -you can’t do dangerous things, as in , something that might kill you – like Drugs. Some actors might not be able to ride their motorcycle or go surfing or fly a private plane/helicopter during filming. Yet Artie is well known for his decadent lifestyle and continues to get roles in shows and movies. He admits his faults all while keeping you laughing – at him- and with him.

With chapters like The Pot-Smoking Laugh , The Bad Cop, Injun Giver, Keef For President, Digging A Hole, Off-Campus Betting, Dirty Work, The Sports Hall Of Shame, Hollywood Wigs & Valley Head, Some Risks Are Too Great, If You Hit You Play and the conclusion Is It Blood or Hawaiian Punch?  Wanna Bet is a terrific read from one of the funniest drug addicts alive (as of my typing).

If your not familiar with the New Jersey/New York mess that is Artie Lange you should search him out online and check him out on youtube or possibly a comedy club near you. Or just


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