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Stanhope’s This Is Not Fame Audiobook

Stanhope will probably always be in my top 5 . It would take any new(er) comic the rest of my lifetime to prove their worth to knock him down my All-Time List. Both of his books ‘Digging Up Mother’ and ‘This Is Not Fame’ were a hoot to read. Now I’ve been Listening (Yes, I know I’m Late to the Party) to the audiobook of ‘This Is Not Fame’AND it’s amazing!

Doug and his crew of misfits and slackers down in Bisbee AZ are hilarious story tellers.

The Audio book on is a little over 11 hours. But with so many added details it was well worth the listen.

Doug always says he’s retiring. I just hope he makes one more trip near me before he abandons the road.

His twitter is a fun to follow as he unleashes his drunken rage on airlines (mainly Delta) and anyone that he deems needs a good trashing for having the nerve to @ him. Yet, he manages to do it with the cantankerous charm his fans have loved over the years.

Some quick links for Doug and His crew.

twitter : Ggreg Chaille

twitter : Brian Hennigan

twitter : Tom Konopka

twitter : Chad Shank

And there are numerous other characters in Doug’s world of Bisbee that have twitter and FB handles, but I’m not listing them all. I do highly recommend following the podcast on YouTube or the site, or search for it on pretty much all the popular feeds for podcasts.



Doug and the crew have switched to Patreon for podcasting. For as little as $1 a month you can keep the train-wreck going.


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