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The Rich Vos Roast was Best 10 Bucks Spent on Comedy in past year.

The Vos Roast is hands-down the Fucking Funniest Roast I’ve ever watched. I’ve saw Rich Vos one time live. He played a local comedy club and I remember the hostess trying sit us by the stage – as soon as she left we got up and moved back a few rows – We didn’t want to be in his sights for roasting us. Rich really is amazing at ‘Crowd work’ – he just has zingers after zingers. He actually kinda had a hard time busting on everyone because we were all so polite and attentive. Rich even mentioned it saying something like “Wow, you guys are a really good crowd.. you guys are So polite.” But he still had us all laughing most of the time.

I’ve seen a shit-load of the classic roasts from the 70s and 80s, even the 60s – from the famous Friars Club, with all the old school comics. The Vos Roast destroys those. I know an argument can be made for ‘Different time Different era’ or ‘Edited for TV’ and all that jargon. Comedy is comedy and if it’s funny it should stand the test of time. This Roast was just straight-up ball-busting from some of the best comics , and not to mention – long time friends -that NYC has to offer. Even the new wave of the roasting genre with clubs having nights dedicated to Roasting and TV shows Like Roast Battle by Jeff Ross & Brian Moses . The comedy club named The Stand (now defunct, but reopening soon) in NYC used stream Roast battles on and the legendary The Comedy Store in L.A. will air roast battles on Periscope from time-to-time.

Not only was this Roast hilarious…the dais was superb. From the original flyer i found for this article, it appears Annie Lederman was originally scheduled to appear, but Joe DeRosa filled in. From The dais of Bobby Kelly , Joe DeRosa , Jim Florentine , Luis J Gomez , Colin Quinn , Jim Norton , Judy Gold , and Big Jay Oakerson -with Bonnie McFarlene as the Roast Master. Plus from the video, in the crowd I noticed Ari Shaffir , Ryan Hamilton , Keith Robinson , Nate Bargatze , Sam Roberts , and Anthony Cumia . I’m not about to even attempt to quote some of the jokes because without tone and facial/physical expressions it wouldn’t -and Can’t – do the jokes justice.

There is actually a fun post-show after party interview vid on YouTube done by a long time writer and fan of the NYC comedy scene named Jeffrey Gurian . In the video you get to see even more comics that turned out for the Roast and hanging out talking and chillin’. You get to see Judah Friedlander (Who has an Amazing special on Netflix – Just one-liner after another non-stop) , Joe List , Krystyna Hutchinson (She is a co-host of a very popular -AND brutally honest, podcast called Guys We’ve Fucked ) , Gary Gulman , Rory Albanese , Tom Cotter , Dave Smith (one of the hosts from the Legion Of Skanks podcast w/ Luis J Gomez & Big Jay Oakerson and Ardie Fuqua.

Jeffrey Gurian is an author and has wrote for other comics…plus- is a comic. One of my favs of his that he co-wrote , is Make ‘Em Laugh – it has stories from comics past and present from the famous The Comic Strip in NYC.

Here is the post show after party video from Comedy Matters w/ Jeffrey Gurian from Youtube.

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