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Top Favorite Comedy Podcasts

The podcast world has exploded over the years, to a point that it’s next to impossible to keep track of all of them.

10 years ago if someone would’ve asked me to listen to talk radio I’d been “Fuck No! Hell No! I want to HEAR music as I drive or work!” For the most part I’m still like that to this day. I still don’t have the luxury of listening to podcasts as I work, because my job requires me to be attentive and aware of everything going on around me at all times. “Yea!” for warehouse work. What I have found out is that I still dislike talk radio, especially NPRish type stuff, or anything politics. What I have found out is that , I really like listening to comedians talk shit and ramble on about old gigs and funny stories.

So this is just a small list of some of the Comedy Podcasts in my regular rotation.


The Joe Rogan Podcast

I listen or actually I should say I watch Rogan’s podcast quite frequently. It’s come a long way from the humble beginnings of Joe and Redban just chillin’ out at an apartment and shootin’ da shit.

I’m not even a fan or aficionado of MMA, Boxing, Martial Arts or of Hunting, nor do I find Rogan a hilarious comic. I enjoy his specials and he has some decent material. What I do admire about Rogan’s podcast is all the Other eclectic people that are guests to the podcast. Because for the most part – and he is first to admit it too – the podcast is about having conversations with interesting people and sometimes very intelligent people, who in turn can talk to us dumb-dumbs in layman terms.

He takes a lot of shit as to being a “sell-out” and a “shill” for whatever narrative the conspiracy theorists want to toss out into the social media on the days they don’t agree with who his guest(s) were and/or what they said or what Rogan might not of said or asked. To me it’s just ‘noise’.

All in all, Rogan’s podcast is and continues to be one of my favs.



Stanhope is The Man! Just a flat out hilariously silly human-being. He has a whole cast of characters around him in his quaint and colorful Arizona border compound. I can’t type enough hyperbole and adverbs and adjectives to give Stanhope justice for his contributions to the world of comedy.  Search his podcast on whatever format you use.
Stanhope’s Patreon



Good ole’ curmudgeon Bill Burr , or whatever- insert [ cantankerous red-head joke ] here – one might have for ole’ freckles. If you have a constant disdain and contempt for the day-to-day life around you, and all the non-sense, AND you find yourself alone in your personal amusing because your co-workers or family and friends don’t understand “Humor” or facetious rantings in a playfully dark way, well, Burr might be the cure.



I admit in the early days of this one I didn’t listen very often. But over the past 2 years this has grown to a must-listen podcast. Your Mom’s House w/ Tom Segura and Christina Pazsitzky is so fucking hysterical. There is a whole separate…almost club like or in-the-know, type of verbiage used in the podcast. YMH really does have a cult-ish like fan base all over social media and it’s fun to sit back and read and watch all the mischief unfold.


I can’t quite remember when I first seen Marc’s comedy, probably on some old video clip from late 90s dial-up internet connection or possibly some Comedy Central special, I don’t know. But I do know I enjoy his gloomy story-telling style. When a dude has had a President of the United States on his podcast, then you kind of have to admit “I think the Marc guy has something good going on.” Marc doesn’t have just all comics per se, but an entertaining list of people with ‘comedic’ sensibilities.


That’s it for now. I have numerous more podcasts I listen to and/or watch, these are just some of the ones I tend to favor and check out the most.


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